Commission work

Next to my own work I also work on commission and can (and will) paint almost anything. I've done landscapes, portraits (some so personal that I don't have them up in my gallery or on any social media platforms) animals and more. So, if you want something unique done, don't hesitate to get in touch! You can check out what I do in the gallery >>

Darkness and Forests...

For the last few weeks I've been working on a lot of landscapes and mainly focusing myself on dark an mysterious places. Creating a certain atmosphere seems more and more of importance then getting the true 'realistics' exactly right. I however always try by adding figures to give it my own interpretation.  Check out more in the gallery >>

Death And Insanity

It's no secretr that I am intrigued by the occult, darkness and death. I love reading stories on myths, 'supposed'rituals and witchcraft and that reflects in my paintings. And as always I'll keep on exploring the never ending patina, depths and dark-light when it comes down to skulls.  Check out more in the gallery >>

Johan Prenger

After more than 20 years in the music industry, Johan Prenger changes course. He decided to resume his old love of painting. From his education he had been an advertising and decoration painter after all. Prenger painted motorcycle helmets and parts in his early twenties. But at that time his heart was in music: heavy metal, punk and hardcore. When he got the chance to live off his record label Reflections Records, he decided to grab it with both hands. Painting disappeared into the background.

In 2016 he picked up his brushes. Painting a few old skateboards seemed like a nice project during winter evenings. With result, the reactions to social media were overwhelming. The former record label owner concentrates today as much as possible on painting.